Central Aroostook ARC Established in 1959
"Making a difference for people with developmental disabilities"

Current News

Central Aroostook Association Visitor Procedure-Effective August 1, 2015

Guests of Central Aroostook Association will be asked to follow a new entry precedure upon arrival.  A brief visitor entry form will be completed that simply states the guest's name, purpose of visit,  and details of his/her automobile.  A badge will be assigned with time of arrival logged.  Upon departure, the badge will be returned and departure time added to the log.  Staff will be escorting visitors as needed.   



OTC Summer Program Schedule (June 2015)

June 15-Group 1 Movies        June 16-Group 2  Fishing        June 17-Group 1  Bowling      June 18-Group 2  Swimming      June 19-Group 1 Swimming

June 22-Group 2 Movies       June 23-Group 1 Movies         June 24-Group 2  Bowling       June 25-Group 1 Swimming       June 26-Group 2 Swimming

 OTC Summer Program Schedule (July 2015)

July 6-Group 1 Movies         July 7-Group 2 Goughan's Farm     July 8-Group 1 Goughan's Farm     July 9-Group 2 Swimming     July 10-Group 1 Swimming

July 13-Group 2 Movies       July 14-Group 1 Movies    July 15-Group 2 Aroostook State Park      July 16-Group 1 Swimming      July 17-Group 2 Swimming

July 27-Group 1 Movies       July 28-Group 2  Mini Golf     July 29-Group 1 Blackstone Farm      July 30-Group 2 Swimming        July 31-Group 1 Swimming   

OTC Summer Program Schedule (August 2015)

August 3-Group 2 Movies     August 4-Group 1 Movies      August 5-Group 2 Fishing      August 6-Group 1  Family BBQ       August 7-Group 2 Family BBQ

May 12, 2015-Proficiency-Based Education 

By July 1, 2015, each special purpose private school (SPPS) must submit a transition plan to the Maine Department of Education that will include evidence of preparedness, multi-year implementation plan and system of supports for learning.  It will be the responsibility of each SPPS to provide instruction based on standards-aligned curricula; and evaluate and report students' progress towards meeting standards as terms and conditions to award diplomas of 8 content areas.  The Maine Department of Education will be assessing preparedness and clear connections betweeen evidence and description of greatest strength and greatest challenge.  The description will include metrics for the 2015-2016 school year and each year thereafter.

Opportunity Training Center
(Special Purpose Private School) Activities

Friday, May 15-Spring Games
Friday, May 29-End-of-year-dance
Wednesday, June 3-Graduation
Monday, June 8-Last Day of School

County Box & Pallet SHARP Recognition

On April 1, 2015,
County Box & Pallet became the recipient of the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition (SHARP) award recognizing an ongoing effort to apply work safety in the private sector.  County Box & Pallet also recently celebrated three years of no lost time.  County Box & Pallet employs 18 staff and specializes in the manufacturing of pallets for area farms and businesses.

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